history of navigation
History of Navigation: Old Navigational Instruments and How They Were Used

You may be a navigational whiz in your neighborhood or a surrounding city, but what […]

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globe types
Globe Types: the Ultimate Buyers Guide

Do you want to buy a globe but don’t know which type to choose? You’re […]

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horoscope origin
The Origin of Zodiac Signs Symbols

The Ancient Greeks — along with other civilizations of the time — widely believed in […]

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when america was discovered
The Discovery of America: Who Came to America First?

There are many different theories about when America was discovered. Some say it was the […]

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spherical earth
The Shape of the Earth: Who Discovered the Fact that the Earth Is Spherical?

It is a common misconception that Christopher Columbus “discovered” the shape of the Earth. In […]

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globes and maps
Reading and Understanding Your World Globe: All You Need to Know

The equatorial circumference of the Earth is just under 25,000 miles — that’s a lot […]

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The Astronomical Cartography: Star Charts and Celestial Globes

    One of the most stunning natural sights is a clear, starry night sky. […]

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Buying a Globe as a Gift
Buying a Globe as a Gift: All You Need to Know

There’s no better gift for a map lover than an elegant, striking globe for their […]

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World Globe Buying Guide
World Globe Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Globe

The oldest surviving terrestrial globe, The Erdapfel, was made in Germany in 1492. World map […]

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