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At Replogle Globes, you can find an innovative and diverse selection of top-quality education globes and maps. Schools and classrooms around the world have come to rely on our products for their educational needs. We provide education globes and maps of all sizes, from planets and celestial bodies to the entire world, including continents, states, and nations.
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More about Educational World Maps & Globes for Schools

Our educational maps and globes are designed to inspire and engage students of all ages. They provide hands-on experience in learning about the world, including its geography, culture, and history. From physical maps to raised relief globes, these products help bring the world into perspective.

Key Differences Between Maps and Globes for Education

  • A map is a two-dimensional, or flat, representation of the Earth’s surface.
  • A globe is a three-dimensional model of the Earth.
  • Maps usually show more detail than globes because they can be enlarged without losing their accuracy.
  • Globes for education are more accurate than maps because they show the Earth’s true shape.
  • The scale of a map is the ratio between the distance on the map and the actual distance on Earth.
  • The scale of a globe is fixed, meaning that it shows the relative sizes of countries and continents, but not their actual distances from each other.
  • You can measure distances between two points on a map with a ruler, but you cannot do this with a globe.
  • With an educational globe, you can find the shortest route between two points by following a line of constant longitude or latitude (also called a great circle).
  • With most globes, you can also spin the globe to see what different parts of the world look like from different angles.

Replogle Globes Educational Wall Maps & Globes Selection

With over 90 years of experience, Replogle Globes is America’s number-one trusted globe manufacturer. We provide only the best quality world globes and wall maps on the market today.

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