Floor Globes

Coming in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and more, there are tons of different globes of the world with a stand to choose from, but when it comes to the best, Replogle Globes has the floor globe manufacturing mastered.

Replogle Globes is one of the oldest and most trusted floor globes manufacturers on the market. Known for our pristine quality products, we offer some of the finest floor stand world globes available today. No matter the size, intricacies, or hues you are looking for, we create a fine model to display in your home.

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Showing 25–25 of 25 results

Factors to Consider When Buying Floor Standing Globes

There are some different factors that go into a floor standing globe, and depending on your preferences, one globe will be better suited for you than the others. To better understand how to narrow down your search for a globe with stand, here are the factors to consider when shopping. 

  • Globe Diameter: Globe sizes can vary greatly, depending on how much space you have. Our globes can start as low as 4.5 inches in diameter, but some globes can range as high as 32 inches. If space is not an issue, choosing the largest globe that fits within your budget will help improve the detail and beauty of the piece, making it more of a statement in your space. 
  • Style: There are many different styles of globes available today. Whether you prefer a more simplistic design, one that includes all the details, or wants a funky-colored globe, there’s one to suit all of your preferences. 
  • Color: Globes today come in an array of different colors. Typically, oceans come in blue or antique parchment colors, depending on your style preferences. That being said, more statement-piece globes utilize unique colors to draw attention and take a modern, refreshed spin on the globe. Depending on your color scheme, there’s lots of fun to be had with color. 
  • Features: Modern globes have tons of bonus features. One of our favorites is whether it’s illuminated or non-illuminated, adding a gorgeous glow to your globe. Additionally, you can have raised elements to add some additional texture. 

Overall Height: Whether you want large floor globes or one more subtle for your space, there are different height options available. Typically, a 32-inch globe is considered ideal for viewing from a chair, while 38 inches or higher can be looked at while standing. Consider how you want it to be viewed when making a decision!