Custom World Globes

Custom globes are not only a beautiful decor piece but something that can elevate your space in an instant. Since 1930, Replogle has been creating quality, innovative, and finely crafted globes, and we are happy to share our expertise for your new custom world globe for a more creative piece. With personalized globes, you can ensure a more unique world globe, customized to your preferences for a more creative look. Offering a unique twist on this well-known model, your custom globe can take your space to the next level.

Customize Your Globe

There are some ways you can create a customizable globe, and it’s entirely up to your preferences.

With each custom, made-to-order personalized desk globe, you can select several different adjustments to best suit your needs and frame of mind. This means endless ways to customize. From bespoke cartography to including travel routes, or hand-drawn and hand-painted illustrations, your custom globe will look nothing like the usual ones seen in the average store.

Some of the customizations we make at Replogle for the perfect custom world globe include:

  • Highlighting special places, such as your hometown or places you’ve visited in different colors.
  • Including smaller towns that would have otherwise been omitted from the map.
  • Adding names, dates, or quotes to specific locations or throughout the globe.
  • Size of the globe, including standard diameter-size of 9 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches.
  • The base material includes acrylic, metal, and wood selections.

These are only a few of the customization options available, and we are happy to work with you to bring all of your ideas to life. Our team will take your preferences and create a design, following an approval process to ensure your customizable globe comes out just as you imagined.

Featured Custom Globes

Need a little inspiration? Replogle Globes has done a number of personalized desk globe projects, each with unique goals and visions. To see what we have created before, and drum up some ideas for your globe, check out our past projects!

Types of Custom Globes We Can Personalize for You

There are a number of different types of custom globes we can create for you. From floor globes to desktop globes, we are happy to bring to life your ideal custom world globe.

  • Floor globes: Our floor globes are ideal for having a larger, statement piece in your home. Created with a taller structure to fill floor space, your floor globe will have a taller base to lift it off the ground.
  • Desktop globes: A personalized desk globe is a beautiful globe option. This globe will sit perfectly on your desk or tabletop, adding a unique decor addition to your space, while your new custom globe sits upon the base of your choosing.

Our Process

To ensure you get the personalized desk globe you had in mind, our team at Replogle follows a specific process to guarantee the best results with our customization service.

To best understand our process, we are breaking it down step by step so you know exactly what is ahead.

  1. Once your order is placed, we will discuss all elements of the design with you to ensure we fully comprehend and have all the various factors accounted for.
  2. Tell us about your different travels so we can include them in the map artwork if you would like.
  3. Let us know any meaningful locations or details that we can capture along specific routes.
  4. Then, we will create various proofs for you to review to ensure the plan for the custom world globe is what you had in mind.
  5. Our globe makers will use the most up-to-date imagery to pull together all the elements with an accurate depiction of the custom globes.
  6. Finalize the globe design and share it with you.
  7. Once approved, we will send the globe your way!

Sure, purchasing a customizable globe won’t be as fast of a process as a standard globe, but with all your specifications, it will result in a stunning, personalized, sentimental piece in your home.

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