Frank Lloyd Wright

Being true, time-tested experts in our trade, we at Replogle Globes provide the highest quality Frank Lloyd Wright Globes on the market with a huge space for customization. See our catalog for currently available decorative globes:

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Showing all 12 results

Developed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1952, based off of a series of hexagonal metal furniture for the H. C. Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, this globe is well known for its alignment with the geometric shape of the building. Adapted from this unique hexagonal design, the Frank Lloyd Wright globe stand is an embodiment of the three Organic Elements used by Wright throughout his career. The metal base is a triangle in shape, the wood globe support is hexagonal, and the globe is circular. 

Types of globes: 

  • Desk Globes
  • Floor Globes

Sizes (diameter): 

  • Mini globes:
    • 6”
  • Usual size: 
    • 12”
    • 16” 


  • Antique 
  • Specialty Colors


  • Vintage
  • Black
  • Bronze Metallic


  • Illuminated
  • Non-illuminated
  • Raised relief 

These unique globes are more sophisticated in design and can add a unique, hi-tech touch to your interior. World globes from Replogle Globes are known for their high quality, eco-friendly materials and unique designs. Contact us at any time if you have any questions!