Desktop Antique

Replogle Desktop Antique globe collection features many models in various sphere sizes and designs. Each of the globes presented can boast a pristine quality and a high level of detail.

Showing 13–23 of 23 results

Showing 13–23 of 23 results

These amazing Desktop Antique globes from Replogle offer a wide variety of features for you to pick from. 

World globes are available in many options, such as:

Sizes (diameter): 

  • Mini globes:
    • 4.3”
    • 6”
  • Usual size: 
    • 9”
    • 12”
    • 16” 


  • Illuminated
  • Non-illuminated
  • Raised relief 


  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • National Geographic Collection
  • Designer Series

Whatever you choose, you will get a top-notch quality, highly detailed, topographical world globe that will enrich any room it’s placed in.