Floor Globes

Replogle Globes is one of the oldest and most trusted Floor Globes manufacturers on the market, known for its pristine quality products. Browse the catalog and see for yourself:

Showing all 6 results

Showing all 6 results

Floor Globes are perfect décor elements, not only for study and office rooms, but can also add an elegant touch to the living spaces. These finest floor stand world globes are available in a wide array of different options to suit any need:

 Sizes (diameter): 

  • 12″
  • 16” 
  • 20″ 
  • 32″ 


  • Antique 
  • Blue Ocean
  • Specialty Colors


  • Vintage
  • Blue
  • Bronze Metallic
  • Gray


  • Illuminated
  • Non-illuminated
  • Raised relief 


  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • National Geographic Collection
  • Heirloom Globes
  • Designer Series

Popular models:

  • Queen Anne
  • Austin
  • Commander

 Serving educational and decorative functions, globes on stand can cater to any request. Make no mistake: floor globes are not that expensive, as many high quality pieces are available for an affordable price. Give us a call for more details on your desired products!