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The Chicago Limited Edition 12 inch raised relief desktop globe is exquisite product made right here in our Chicago factory! The heavy duty ash hardwood base with unique wood grain gives this product extra value and shows craftsmanship details with clear finish.

A unique brown half-tone colored map complete with historical images of famous explorer ships provides a gorgeous setting for the world.
The unique soft “velvet-like” finish of the globe and the “raised relief” embossing that provides a 3D like texture, invite you to explore this globe with your fingertips. The map features over 3,500 place names with political and provincial boundaries that are distinguished using grey-toned lines while rivers and coastlines are demarcated using lighter grey tones. The locations of waterfalls and canals are marked along with the locations of famous explorers’ ships, placed in the regions that they explored. These notable figures include Christopher Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Cheng Ho, James Cook, and many others.

The product come with brass Limited Edition number plate and only 200 models will be sold. Grab it while supplies last!

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The Replogle Timeless combines the classic 12″ diameter desktop globe with a modern cherry wood square base to create a globe fit for any age and setting. With both modern and antique characteristics, the Timeless will fit right in with any living room, office desk, bookshelf, etc. On top of its elegant design, this globe boasts a durable construction, allowing it to last for years to come and become truly timeless.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY — Bright Blue Oceans, Vividly Colored Islands and Continents, Raised Relief Topography
  • CLASSIC STYLE DESIGN — Square Base with Cherry finish and powder coated silver semi meridian
  • DETAILED GEOGRAPHY — Political Map, Over 4,000 Place Names and Points of Interest, Easy to Read, Accurately Tilted Axis, Ocean Topography, Continental Shelf, Shipping Routes, Canals, Waterfalls, Population Centers & Ice Shelves

ADD A TIMELESS TOUCH TO ANY ROOM — Perfect for Desk, Office, Library, Home Deco

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 14”W x 14”D x 19”H


Cartography Style

Globe Style

Blue English

Globe Ball Diameter

12" / 30cm

Globe Ball Material

Raised Relief Texture



Country of Manufacture

Product Dimensions

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